The Agents Behind The Portal…. Meet HR Estates

We Are THe Market
Date Published
20 July 2021

Meet One of The 28 Founders Of We Are The Market – HR Estates

HR Estate Agents is a network of experienced, dynamic, and transparent local agents with a track record of success. Aligned with We Are The Market, they look to bring something different to the housing market and aim to bring back greater control to agents and buyers.

HR Estates offer bespoke packages to their clients along with a no sale, no fee structure, showing their absolute commitment and dedication to their customers. The agents at HR Estates each look after their own clients from start to finish, offering a fantastic level of customer service and the best possible experience. These are a few reasons why We Are The Market is proud to be part-founded by HR Estates.

On joining We Are The Market, Harry Richards Director At HR Estate Agents said:

“It’s a real delight to be a part of We Are The Market! Both HR Estates and We Are The Market match closely in terms of our ethos; we want to bring the power back to our tenants and landlords, as well as offering the very best level of service and care. I have no doubts that We Are The Market is going to go a long way and I’m so proud we’re a part of that”